what will you see?

A professional licensed Tour Guide will explain to you, the History of Washington DC and what represents each monument.
​New, comfortable vehicles, small groups, very personalized services. And you will enjoy as we talk about History.
We BEGIN THE CITY TOUR WHEN EVER YOU DECIDE. We'll pick you up from your Hotel, Train Station, Bus Terminal, airports. The ride ends in one of the Smithsonian Museums, which are within walking distance of Union Station.
You will go down from the vehicle to take pictures in all the major monuments, while we wait for you. Our vehicles have a capacity of 14 passengers Sprinters,  SUV Cadillac 5-passenger, BMW 3 passengers. The Tour last about 4 hours.
satisfaction guaranteed or you don't pay anything.
You can pay by cash, check or any credit card.
We speak 4 Languages, Italian, Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Tour of 5 hrs $ 85.-

per Person

This tour is more for people who want to enjoy a little be more of your ride, where you will have the opportunity to choose some other sites, like, going into the largest Library of the World (Library of Congress), You can walk into the Surprema Court, or enter the US Capitol or the National Archives and much, much more.

Tour of 6 Hrs 

$ 110.- Per Person*

On this tour, you will have the opportunity to do the normal City Tour, plus  you can choose to go to the Unknon Soldier in Arlington Cemetery, or go to the National Cathedral, Embassy Row, Georgetown University, Washington Harbor, and the Basilica (Immaculate Conception)  or to choose any other side that you want to see.

If you prefer? you can do a PRIVATE CITY TOUR, in an SUV Cadillac

$ 130.- an hour

You will have a  very nice vehicle with a professional Tour Guide who will take

you to see all the sides that you choose

Or if you want to be more confortable? a Sprinter 14 passenger for $ 130.- per hour as well

One whole day from New York to Washington D.C.

If you are driving, or want to come by Bus, Train, or by Plane?


We will come to to wait for you.

You pay only $ 55.- for a City Tour that will last almost 4 hours 

At the end of the City Tour, you will have enough time to see and to visit the Air and Space Museum, U.S. Capitol, Library of Congress, Supreme Court, National Archives and much, much more.

Most of this places are FREE

Any questions? send a message to