Above the Clouds



We offer  3 City Tours a day, 7 days of the week, the whole year.

You will be able to walk at the following places:

We start at the White House where you will also see the Offices of the Vice-President (Old Executive Building) and the US Treasury.

We will continue driving through Pennsylvania Av., to see the FBI Building, the Old Post  Office today (Trump International Hotel), and the National Archives Building.

You'll step down and walk at the U.S. Capitol and see the National Mall, General Ulysses S. Grant, James A. Garfield and Peace Memorial.

We'll drive on the other side of US Capitol, to see the  Supreme Court and Library of Congress.

We'll drive through the Smithsonian’s Museums by the National Mall and explain what you will see in each Museum.

You will see the other side of the White House (the Oval Office), will also see the OAS (Organization of American States) Building, and the American Red Cross Building.

You'll walk again at World War II Memorial to see Lincoln Memorial on one side and Washington Monument on the other side.

We'll drive around Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Potomac River and stop again at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.

Stoping again at the Korean Memorial, walking all the way to Abraham Lincoln Memorial and also Vietnam Memorial.

Finally, we'll go to Arlington Cemetery to visit Presidente Kennedy's grave, Iwo Jima Memorial and at the very end we'll go by the Pentagon and Air Force Memorial.

World War II​ Memorial

Here you will see 56 Pillars (50 States of the USA and its 5 Territories and Philippines as well.
Abraham Lincoln Memorial

4 years of Presidency and 4 years of Civil War. The end of slavery.
Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Principal author of the Declaration of Independence.​
U.S. Capitol
Meeting place of the U.S. Congress.
The White House

The home and workplace of all Presidents of the United States, except for George Washington, because the White House was under construction when he became President.
Library of Congress(Thomas Jefferson Building)

One of the largest Libraries in the World, where you'll see the Gutenberg Bible.

Obelisk (The Washington Monument)

It was built to commemorate George Washington - the first American President. The World's tallest Obelisk (169.294 m). 555 feet and 5" tall.
Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

A Heroic Leader that fought for the Civil Rights in the United States, inspired by Mahatma Gandhi.
Arlington National Cemetery

A Military Cemetery, established during the American Civil War, formerly the estate of Confederate General Robert E. Lee and his wife, Mary Anna Lee.
Marine Corps War Memorial

A Memorial made of Bronze in Honor and Memory of the American Marine Corps that fought against the Japanese Empire on an Island called Iwo Jima almost at the end of World War II.
The Pentagon

The Headquarters of the United States Department of Defense, considered the world's largest Office Building.